Welcome! My name is Gabriela Rivera-Velázquez. If you’d like to know more about my career, please feel free to scroll down and navigate through the page.

Gabriela Rivera-Velázquez

UX/UI Designer

I am a UX/UI Designer born and raised in Humacao, Puerto Rico with an International Business and Accounting background. After college, I started working in the tech industry as a Web Developer. Few years after that, I started exploring the UI/UX world and fell in love with it ever since. I moved to Grand Rapids, MI searching for career development in the UX Design field. Product Design allows me to help people interact with technology in a better, easier, and efficient way. 





Current Work


Currently, I'm working as a User Experience Designer in the distribution of beverage industry. Rutherford and Associates is the house of eoStar, an ERP system that helps all parties involved inside the distribution industry. From sales people, to supervisors, and drivers we connect everyone through our products. During my time at the company, I've been able to design for iOS, Web, and UWP apps.


I create landing pages and logos as side projects using Illustrator, Photoshop, Squarespace, and WordPress.

Core Skills


Building products and focusing on the overall experience of a tool is one way of helping others achieve their goals.

UI Design

To me, UI Design is part of UX.  Once you understand the problem and have several solutions, UI brings those solutions to life.


My first step into tech was learning HTML, CSS, JS, and Flutter. Even though I only know the basics, I enjoy being in the development process.

Graphic Design

Through my journey as a designer, I had the opportunity of working with a digital marketing company creating websites, logos, and more.

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